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Statute of Limitations: Assault on Yacht

by Anonymous on 04/29/20

While working as a Stew/Cook, one day the Yacht owner arranged for everyone to be away from the boat except for him and me.  It did strike me as strange seeing that we had just returned from a week long trip and there was a lot to be done.  He gave the Deckhand the day off and sent the Captain and his Mate/Wife on a full day errand.  I was in the galley when he walked in and told me that he needed me in the Master.  He sounded stern and I assumed I had done something wrong so I followed him downstairs.  I walked into his cabin and looking around proceeded to the bathroom to see if I noticed anything out of order.  When I came back into the bedroom, he had locked the door and dropped his pants.  he grabbed me, threw me on the bed and fell on top of me grabbing my wrists and holding them up beside my face. He was heavy and had an erection which he was rubbing against me very hard.  I was screaming "No" and trying to fight him off but his face was pressed against my mouth.  He forcefully kissed and licked my mouth, neck and face as he pulled my left hand down to his penis.  Frantically, I managed to push him off of me.  I unlocked and ran out of the door, up the stairs and into my crew cabin where I began to cry.  I called the Captain and told him what had happened.  He told me to stay locked in my cabin and he would be there asap.  I began packing my bags.  I heard voices in the galley and assumed it was the Captain.  Shaking and nervous, I walked upstairs to find the owner sitting in the galley hanging up the phone from a conversation.  I had my phone in my hand and immediately turned on my record button.  The owner said "Can't we just pretend this never happened?  You can come to my house in New York and be my personal Chef and Nanny.  I'll take good care of you."  I said "No" and ran back to my room and waited. The Captain soon arrived and came down to get me.  The owner had left the boat.  I told the Captain that I wanted him to file a report with the Coast Guard authorities and that I was going to file a police report.  I wanted to get off the boat before the owner came back so I left and went to a friends house.  I called the police and filed the report.  I told them about the recording and let them listen to it.  The next day I went to see a maritime attorney who said I had a very good case until I told him about the recording.  He then told me that the owner could sue me if he found out about the recording because it is against the law to record someone without their knowledge in the state of Florida.  He then said I should not pursue this.  Traumatized, devastated and heartbroken, I left his office, Florida and the Yachting industry and went home to my family.  The police questioned the yacht owner and told him about the recording.  He called me and said that if I tried to accuse him of anything, he would sue me and take everything I had.  He said that there would be nothing left for my children.  I was terrified so I didn't continue with the complaint. 
I then began seeing a therapist which helped a great deal.  Eventually I did return to yachting but I still have triggered panic attacks regularly. I am still so very angry!  It's not fair that I was so afraid that I was going to be sued by the man who attacked me!  It's been more than 4 years and there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about this.  Is there anything I can do at this point.  I want justice.  I want fairness.